Good day, BCF athletes!!!

We wanted to take a moment to introduce some gym etiquette points of consideration to ensure a more rewarding and safe CrossFit experience for everyone, members and coaches alike. This may be new information for our newer members. For you seasoned veterans, these should be a little reminder that you can keep in the back of your mind during your visits. This is not an exhaustive list, just some key points:

If The Chalk Isn’t On Your Hands, It Is In The Bucket!

  • Please join me in aiming for 100% chalk containment. Keeping the chalk exclusively in the bucket or on your hands helps to ensure that we have a clean gym for our members all day and all evening long.

  • Avoid excessive chalking (AKA Mickey Mouse Gloves).

  • Wipe off excess into the bucket. Don’t clap it off.

  • Never remove the brick of chalk from the bucket. Never!

  • Keep the bucket clear of your barbell, lest that barbell bounce astray.

Watch as All-Star Member Alan Chirls demonstrates perfect execution!

The exception to this is if you are LeBron James dropping in for a WOD. LeBron, do your thing and take a shirt, my treat!

Give One Another Space!

When working on dedicated strength work, it is critical that we allow each other the space to succeed unimpeded or to fail safely. When you see a fellow member setting up for a heavy Olympic lift (Snatch or Clean & Jerk) or squat, do your best not to walk through their line of vision. Breaking concentration during big lifts is a total bummer. When working within the pullup rig in the side room, the entire space belongs to the individual lifting so long as that person is in the space. Please don’t move through the rig while someone is lifting or preparing to do so.


We Breakdown Our Gear Together!

You guys are already great about this one; let’s keep it up! For safety’s sake, we wait until everyone is done with their workout prior to putting away equipment. Done early? Transition from athlete to cheerleader! This is also a great opportunity to do some cool down work and post-WOD stretching.

While We’re At It, Wipe Down The Gear!

It’s flu season. Let’s turn that gear over to the next person free of germs…and sweat, and chalk, and blood.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 6.51.21 PM.png

Let The Coaches Coach!

If you see something unsafe, please, please, please hastily bring it to your coach’s attention. You experienced members are also free to clarify any acronyms on the white board for newbies. Other than that, please refer folks to us coaches for technique advice and cues.

Unclear about whether you can provide a fellow athlete with coaching tips? Here’s our litmus test…

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 6.54.14 PM.png

Straightforward enough? Thanks for your cooperation!

Clean Clothes. Every Day!

Coach Paige would fire me if I didn’t include this one. Out of courtesy for the olfactory sense of your fellow members and coaches, we kindly ask that everyone arrive decked out in clean workout gear, head to toe.


We wish for everyone, beloved members and coaches alike, to thoroughly enjoy every visit to Ballard CrossFit. We appreciate everyone in our community helping us to make our gym a safe and supportive environment.

You’re the best!

-Coach BK