We know reading reviews is an important step in choosing a new gym.  Whether you are new to CrossFit in general, or Ballard CrossFit in particular, you will find a variety of client testimonials here.  

We have included reviews below from all walks of life - both seasoned CrossFitters, and those brand new to the sport! We hope you find someone you can identify with!  

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Ballard Crossfit is more than just a gym. It is a community of strong minded and supportive friends who encourage each other through many challenges. I am grateful that the owner/coaches do not see athletes as a money making opportunity, but a chance to influence or change someone’s life in a positive healthy way.
— Ballard Crossfit member, Laura
2015 has been full of its fair share of lows for me, but a lot of highs along the way as well. For me, most of those highs have taken place within the walls of Ballard Crossfit and because of the people that fill the gym. I’ve learned a lot - the value of hard work and goal setting, how I think about my body, being coach-able, and the effect that a healthy and positive community has on me as an individual. Thank you Ballard Crossfit!
— Ballard Crossfit member, Alisha
Dropped in for a month while I was in town for work and was so happy I chose Ballard Crossfit. I felt welcomed by members and coaches right away and got an awesome workout every day I was in town. In addition to normal workouts, coaches took time after class to help me get movements I was struggling with(chest to bar) until I got it and incorporated it into a workout! Would definitely recommend to anyone in Seattle and looking forward to coming back to Seattle and visiting again soon!
— Visiting CrossFitter, Kelly
After just 2 months at Ballard Crossfit, I’ve lost 31 pounds! I started at 308 pounds and today’s weigh in is at 277 pounds! My journey is not complete, I have more to go. My life is forever changed. I am so grateful and still humbled.
— Ballard Crossfit member, Augie
If you’re already in great shape looking for a place to workout, Ballard Crossfit has what you need. Even more importantly in my book, if you’re not in great shape and looking for a place to take the first steps in getting into control of your health, Ballard Crossfit is for you. Seriously! I never would have thought it either, but this place is fantastic.
— Ballard Crossfit member, Sheena
This year I completed the Seafair Olympic Triathlon. I have spent very minimal time training specifically for the event but instead focused on getting stronger through workouts at Ballard Crossfit. My results speak for themselves - I finished 11th in my age group - CRAZY! This wouldn’t have been possible without Ballard Crossfit and the awesome coaches and members there who have helped me along the way and pushed me to always get better!
— Ballard Crossfit member, Jack