Welcome to Ballard CrossFit! We are excited for you to join our gym and experience all that we have to offer - for both your fitness and your community needs! Whether you have prior CF experience or not, we want to get you in the door and working out as soon as possible! If you’ve made it this far and are reading this, more than likely you want to get started as fast as possible. We do not currently run an official class for beginners - we will teach you what you need to know as we go along in our regular group classes! In each class, there is a mix of experience, ranging from 1 week all the way to 10 years. You will fit in, regardless of how new you are!

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After your first class, we would love to get you set up with your first month of membership with us! Your first month will include unlimited classes and costs $79 (plus tax). After the first month, you can choose from one of our membership options.