I am worried about injury, what should I do to prevent this? 

As with all sports and activity, there is inherent risk in trying CrossFit.  We do our best to prevent our athletes from encountering injury by:

  • Providing excellent coaching

  • Progressing athletes at a pace that is individualized and appropriate

  • Programming workouts thoughtfully

  • Offering tips for mobility and strengthening

  • Maintaining high standards for quality movement and safety in the gym

We are highly trained professionals.  But, injuries do happen. Each member comes to Ballard CrossFit with vastly different backgrounds, past injuries, previous involvement in sport, different levels of heath, etc.  If you do encounter pain while working out with us (or after a workout), we have some simple steps we encourage you to take:

  • Ensure you are warmed up enough before the workout. The warm up and mobility drills provided before each class are generalized and designed to help the given workout. However, you might need to consider warming up your body more: a little light rowing, some stretches, etc. Make sure your body is primed appropriately for the WOD.

  • Make sure you are recovering from your workouts appropriately. Eat well. Drink water. Do a cool down. Do the post-WOD accessory work. Ask your coaches for guidance and ideas.

  • Talk with a coach. You don’t always need to assume that pain is normal. It may not be. Don’t ignore the pain until it’s a real problem. Let someone know and see if we can recommend a modification or solution.

  • Consider emailing or making an appointment with Coach Sarah at Arrow Physical Therapy. Arrow Physical Therapy is located just on the other side of the Ballard Bridge and Sarah specializes in watching CrossFit athletes move and understands injuries common to these individuals. She can help you determine if you have an injury that needs to be addressed with physical therapy or if some simple drills can be added into your routine to help you better perform in CrossFit. Her goal is to get you right back in the gym as soon as it is safe and help to keep you out of pain! Feel free to email Sarah at