Travel Wods

One very frequent request we get from y’all is ideas for workouts you can do when you are away from the gym. In order to help you guys with your fitness when you aren’t in Ballard, we’ve put together a list of Travel WOD’s for your cherry picking WOD pleasure. The vast majority of these workouts don’t use any equipment, however please feel free to improvise if you have equipment available. For instance, if you are in a hotel and have some dumbbells at your disposal, go ahead and make the “air squats” into “front rack DB squats” to turn up the heat! Additionally, scale as you see fit (double under to 3x the number of single under, handstand push-ups to push-ups, etc). The nice thing about these workouts is that there isn’t a right or wrong to them! Choose one and do it as is, make some changes, merge two together, etc! Once you’ve picked out your WOD, make up a warm-up (keep it simple, just get moving), do any movement prep / stretching you need, and get after it! Enjoy, and hurry back to the gym!

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