Ballard CrossFit is a vibrant community of like-minded individuals in pursuit of health and fitness.  Our Coaches are dedicated to providing you with a safe, fun, and effective training program that will help you meet your fitness goals. We encourage you to sign-up today and join our Ballard CrossFit family.  


At Ballard CrossFit we build strong members.  Strong people are more durable and able to take on life's challenges and difficulties.  Strong people live more active, healthy lives.  But, more than just physical strength, we develop inner strength as well.  At Ballard CrossFit, we push ourselves to be the best we can possibly be.  We forge mental fortitude. And, the mental and physical strength we build in the gym transcends to the rest of our lives.


At Ballard CrossFit we believe that fitness is a lifestyle.  Being healthy is a choice we make every day.  We strive to build athletes that will live longer, fuller lives because of the healthy choices they make every day.  Our caring, professional coaches will give you the tools and supervision you need to make those choices.  And with these lifestyle changes, you'll see the dramatic results you've been dreaming of! 


Ballard CrossFit is not just another gym.  We are a vibrant community of people that encourage and support one another.  We genuinely care for and enjoy one another inside and outside of the gym!  Many wonderful friendships have been forged within our gym walls.  At Ballard CrossFit, we are better together.  

We need each other in this journey called fitness.  To be our best, we need a community of support behind us.  When you visit our gym, we trust you'll see the difference in our community for yourself!