The 2016 Ballard Awards

The Ballard Awards are a very special tradition at Ballard CrossFit.

Each year, we celebrate our amazing community at our annual Holiday Bash. We trade our tight lulu workout gear for shirt & tie and dress and we party!  We party HARD. The atmosphere is always electric at our Holiday Bash and for good reason!  At Ballard CrossFit, we genuinely enjoy each other, support and care for each other and are committed to each others' growth and success in this crazy journey called fitness!

The Ballard Awards are designed to highlight particular athletes that contribute to the wonderful culture of our gym.  We have 4 categories: Most Improved Lady, Most Improved Dude, Most Inspirational Athlete and The Ballard Award. Then, we ask members to vote for who they think is most deserving in the previous year in each category!

Here are the results from our 2016 Ballard Awards!


1. Most Improved Lady -  Kendra Lednicky

This years most improved lady has worked her booty off in the gym this year - and it shows!  This time last year she was in a band for pull-ups, and this year has not only achieved RX’d pull-ups but also now has unassisted chest to bar pull-ups as well!  She is constantly pushing in WODs, doing heavier barbell loads and even using a 20# medball for wallballs!  She is working on her technique in barbell club, and is following our strength program as well!  Kendra works a full-time job with an hour commute each way, so getting to the gym is no easy task for her - but she has made it happen!  Congrats, lady!!  


2. Most Improved Dude - Chris Gilroy

Chris Gilroy is one of those guys you want to hang around with. His work ethic in the gym is the reason he has sharpened many of his lifting skills and gotten stronger without any injuries. When he gets to work on a WOD, he cares more about how he executes each task and doesn't care as much about the clock. He leads by example in the gym and is loved by many.    A warm congratulations, Chris!


3. Most Inspiring - Brianna Johnson

Brianna has long been an inspiring athlete to many of us in the Ballard CrossFit community because of her high performance as an athlete, but she has become an even greater inspiration this year as she trained at a high level right up to the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Kenna.  Not long after Kenna was born, Bri was back in the gym working to get her first strict muscle up.  Then she got another one…and another one.  Bri showed all of us that being an expectant mother doesn’t have to sideline you.  

The inspiration is enhanced by Bri’s ever positive and supportive attitude. Members and coaches alike are proud to call her a friend and we look forward to seeing what is in store for Bri and her family!

Congratulations, Bri!  Thanks for your contributions to Ballard CrossFit!


4. The Ballard Award - Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith is a great candidate for The Ballard Award just by his work ethic alone.  He works HARD in the gym!  He's made huge progress in our program, he's involved in every event and supplemental program we offer, he pushes himself every time he steps foot in the gym... we could go on and on!

But what truly sets Aaron apart is the way he supports and encourages others. To know Aaron Smith is to love Aaron Smith!  He is one the most encouraging, positive men you'll ever meet.  When you see him in class or in the gym, he'll greet you with that infectious smile and take a real interest in you and how you're doing.  He truly embodies the community of support that we strive for at Ballard CrossFit!

Congratulations to Aaron Smith, our 2016 Ballard Award Winner!