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Ballard Gymnastics Club is about all things gymnastics!  Our 6-Week Progression is designed to help our athletes better understand and apply correct positions to all of our favorite gymnastics movements!  We typically focus on general core strengthening and control as well as two gymnastics-specific movements in each cycle.  Some examples include: handstand progressions, ring work, pull-up varieties, pistols squats and muscle-ups.  If you're looking to improve your technique, avoid injury with these movements or learn more about gymnastics positions with the best people around, Ballard Gymnastics Club is for you!


BGC runs as a 6-week progression and meets weekly on Tuesday nights from 5:30pm-8:30pm (broken into 2 groups). 

2018 Ballard Gymnastics Club Start Dates:

  • Tuesday, 4/10 - Tuesday 5/15
  • Tuesday, 8/7 - Tuesday 9/11

We meet in the side room.

Athletes of ALL levels are welcome and encouraged to participate!  Whether you're looking to improve your Handstand Walking, or looking for your first Handstand, our progressions are meant for everyone!

BGC costs $50 for our Unlimited Monthly members, $60 for 4x/week members*, $75 for our 3 visit/week members*, and $100 for any non-members.  This cost includes 6 weeks of in-gym work as well as weekly homework assignments to be completed during Open Gym time. 

*Athletes that are interested in moving from 3 visits/week or 4 visits/week to Unlimited get their first Gymnastics Club FREE when they upgrade!*