WHAT: 5 weekly sessions of Open preparation.  This format will be similar to the other clubs you have grown to know and love at Ballard, but will focus on the mental and physical game that is ‘The CF Open’.  Each week a coach will cover a different topic to give you the tools you need to be as successful as possible in the 2019 Open. For example – one week might focus solely on mental toughness, and another week on how to pace yourself during grueling workouts. This club will help you fill your tool belt for not only the actual CF Open, but for some of the more intense workouts you face day to day in the gym. You can expect to perform 10 CF Open workouts during the 5 week club.  The goal of the club is to use these 5 weeks to learn and practice various tips and tricks so that you are more prepared than ever for the Open! These workouts will be chosen specifically to put into practice the theme of the week so that you have opportunities to hone your skills before the actual Open begins!          

WHO: YOU!  The Open Club is intended for all BCF athletes.  Whether you are new to the gym or been with us for years, whether you’ve never heard of the Open, or participate in the Open every year - there will be takeaway skills for each and everyone of you to improve your game!  You can expect to see the entire coaching staff participating in coaching this club, as we all bring a unique and different perspective to the Open as well as an incredibly varying bag of athletic skills. As coaches, we have participated in, hosted, judged, dreaded, and rejoiced in a combined 42 Opens!


WHEN: The Open Club will run on Wednesday evenings for 5 weeks.  The club will start on January 16th and end on February 13th. The club will run for 45 minutes.  We will cap each session at 16 people and will run up to 3 sessions depending on how many people sign up.  Tentative class times will be 5:30 and 6:30. You will be provided with homework goals to accomplish in the following week.

COST: For all Ballard CrossFit members, the cost of Open Club is $59 (this is $11.80 /class) or $125 for non-members (this is $25/class). This cost includes 5 weeks of in-gym work as well as weekly homework assignments to be completed during Open Gym time.

QUESTIONS: Please email