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What is ballard bridge, and is it for me? 

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in addition to our main programming, we offer an alternative option called Ballard Bridge.

Here is the idea behind our Ballard Bridge program:  Many of our athletes really benefit from high intensity sprint efforts.  But, for those that aren't quite ready for that intensity, we want to "bridge" the gap!  Ballard Bridge is the perfect  solution for those athletes.  What you'll find is a separate workout that is a bit longer in duration and is intended to be performed at lower intensity.

Ballard Bridge is also great for athletes who are coming back from time off due to illness, vacation or rehabbing an injury.  Additionally, some of our members like to mix the Ballard Bridge program into their regimen for some extra variety.  You're assured to get  a good, long sweat!


The Ballard Bridge programming will be posted on the white board as well as on our WOD tracking site.  Athletes interested in the Ballard Bridge programming will participate in our Group Classes along with everyone else! You'll warm-up, mobilize, and set up your equipment on the main floor.  When the rest of the class starts the Strength portion, Ballard Bridge athletes will start their WOD!  Your coaches will help facilitate this process.  


Talk to your Coach if you have any questions! Let's get after it, Ballard CrossFit!