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Ballard Barbell Club is all about lifting! We love all things Barbell with a focus on the Olympic Lifts: the Clean & Jerk and Snatch.  If you're looking to get stronger, improve your technique or just slam some weights with the coolest people around - come join us!


BBC runs as a 6-week cycle and meets weekly on Tuesday nights from 5:30pm-8:30pm (broken into 2 groups). 

2018 Ballard Barbell Club Start Dates:

  • Tuesday, 6/5 - 7/17 (taking the week of 7/3 off)
  • Tuesday, 10/2 - Tuesday 11/6


Ballard CrossFit, where else?


ALL athletes are welcome and encouraged to participate!


BBC costs $50 for our Unlimited Monthly members, $60 for 4x/week members*, $75 for our 3 visit/week members*, and $100 for any non-members.  This cost includes 6 weeks of in-gym work as well as weekly homework assignments to be completed during Open Gym time. 

*Athletes that are interested in moving from 3 visits/week or 4 visits/week to Unlimited get their first BBC FREE when they upgrade!*

If you're interested, email Coach Joe:  joe@ballardcrossfit.com to reserve your spot.                                                               Hurry, these classes tend to fill up fast!