In order to maximize your results in the gym, you have to pay attention to your diet as well.  What you do outside the gym has a greater overall impact on your fitness than the one hour you spend in the gym.  As CrossFit states, nutrition is the foundation of health and wellness. Each person is unique and 1x1 coaching may be just what you need  to optimize your nutrition plan.  This can lead to significant benefits to your fitness, health, physique, and personal gains.  

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, dial-in an already well thought out nutrition plan, or anything in between,  1x1 Nutrition Coaching can help you.

We are currently accepting new clients.  For more information and to sign-up, please email aaron@ballardcrossfit.com or fill out the form below.  

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8 Week 1x1 nutrition coaching

Our 8 Week program is specifically designed for new clients.  This start-up  package includes an individualized meal plan and macronutrient calculations, along with weekly 1x1 check-ins to optimize your meal plan.  With the start-up package you will also receive additional content to increase your understanding of using nutrition to meet your goals.  

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4 week add-on

Our 4 Week program is designed for those who have completed the start-up package and are looking for continued  support, or have changed their goals and desire a new plan. 

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one-time consultation

Our Consultation program is intended for clients who already have an understanding of nutrition and how to use it, but want to update their macro plan.  This includes personalized macronutrient calculations and a meal plan, but does not include additional 1x1 nutrition coaching.  


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